Quote of the Day –Morality sucks

“every time you have sex and don’t get pregnant, an angel dies.

…and jesus cries.”

Regarding broken condom and EC, otherwise known as “go fuck yourself, you hussy slut. You deserve to be preggers because your condom broke and you ain’t married.”

Seriously. Seriously. This is totally fucked up. I’m wondering if she had been married if it would have been an issue. I’m wondering why her fucktard doctor wouldn’t just fucking help her out. I’m wondering why someone other than the woman herself should even give a fuck about whether or not she has a fucking baby.

This isn’t a matter of “oh, I’m 5 months preggers, didn’t use any protection, and finally decided I don’t want a baby.” This is someone who took the fucking precaution to not get knocked up, and had an accident.

It is sooo fucking easy to impose your own moral standards on someone else when it’s not your fucking problem, isn’t it. When you don’t have to deal with the consequences, you can think as many people as you want as immoral bastards.

And what I find truly funny, is that many of these fucktards who consider themselves “pro-life” aren’t. They’re pro-BIRTH. They DON’T give a fuck what the hell the reasons are for the need to terminate (or get something quick to not actually get pregnant in the first place, so that they don’t have to make a decision about termination) are. They don’t give a fuck about the social or economic or health situation of the woman in question. It’s entirely a matter of making sure that baby gets born.

Before it’s born and after it’s born, they don’t give a shit. There is nothing done to try and help improve the life of the family or neighborhood the child would be born into. There is no post-natal care or help available to the mother or child. Hell, I know plenty of pro-birthers who are also anti-government aid to the poor, anti-universal healthcare, anti-ANYTHING that would actually make a fucking difference in that fucking child’s life they want so badly to be born.

I understand many of the reasons people are against abortion. I certainly understand the reasons that some people will not perform them. What I don’t get is why people don’t understand that EC isn’t an “abortion.” It’s to prevent ovulation (other things prevent implantation), so that one can’t get pregnant. (It also doesn’t always work, so if you have some fucked up notion that gawd wants you to have a baby, gawd can still give ya one, if gawd so desires.)

Of course, people also can’t separate the idea of evolution from people=monkeys, so why am I not surprised.

I liked the suggestion a few people gave the poor gal, that if she wound up pregnant and getting an abortion, to send all those fucktards the bill.


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  1. Mrs_B Says:

    As fucked up as this sounds, there are some people in this world that believe that every “egg” should have the “opportunity” to become a “fetus” which in turn has the potential to become a child….and denying the right of this “egg” the full opportunity to become a child is morally wrong…. because “life” starts with one egg and one sperm…..The same people argue against ANY birth control method…..E/C may not be an “abortion pill” but it is a form of contraception. Crazy I know, but I actually know people who think this way.

  2. Aoife Says:

    Really? How odd.

    I mean, I know people who are anti-contraception, but it’s usually from a “go forth and prosper” standpoint, and I’ve never really noticed them advocated it for anyone else. Kinda a “I’ll do what I think is right and leave other people who aren’t doing something I think *too* horrible alone” p.o.v.

    Hell, nearly every catholic I know actually practices birth control (for real, not just the rhythm method).

    I do believe you win the “knows the most fucked up people” contest today. That’s just creepy.

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