I donno how it happened, but I’m now sitting at home instead of being in classes… sick. Head congestion, mostly. I feel feverish, but don’t really have an elevated temp, it’s still the 1-2 degrees below 98 it normally is.

I feel like shit, however. I have housework to do and homework to do, and sitting up is such a huge effort I’m not sure I’ll get much done. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon, this weekend we have plans for Otto’s birthday that involve much carousing, and I’m gonna be a bit pissy if everyone gets to have fun but me.

I need to mow. I can’t, because even if I could summon the energy to mow, I can’t summon the energy to start the mower (which is usually at frustrating 20 minute ordeal).

I took a vitamin, hope it’ll help. I have plenty of water, and sprite. Water doesn’t taste all that bad, which is good. Sprite kinda leaves me feeling ikky after about 1/2 a can. I have no juice or icecream, my throat sort of hurts, it’s a bit constricted from something a bit swollen back there, but not so bad I can’t eat solid foods.

This is the second design class I’m missing, and the first anthropology and lit class. I can only miss three of each before I’m in drop territory, because classes only meet twice a week.

This sucks.

Our grass seems to be growing nicely, though. It’s a lovely day, nice and cool out. I want to be able to enjoy it some, and opening the windows doesn’t seem enough. pout

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