Morning run

I’ve occasionally decided to get in some early** morning cardio to start my day for a variety of reasons. I usually fail at this, because I have THE most Comfy Bed in the Universe ™. (Seriously, it’s the kind of thing that could stop The Tick in his tracks, even.) I figure that a nice easy-pace short workout will be energizing, since it gets ya up and moving and blood flowing, so long as it’s not so intense as to tire you (me) out. Also, it means that at least something is done that day, and since we usually also get in a walk in the evening, combined they are at least upping general activity level.

Otto usually schedules a 10 minute elliptical workout he rarely gets in, and I usually get nothing in at all. Even once he’s gone and I’m home for the day I often don’t bother with a workout. I get in enough to have a reasonable amount of cardio in a week, (I’ve been slacking on the lifting), but overall I’m still prolly lacking to actually get in a goodly amount of fatloss. My hovering at 4 pounds lost in the last 5 weeks or so is rather testament to that… I’m back where I usually am.

So, this morning Otto had to leave early for a meeting, so at 9 I went out for a run around the neighborhood. (In case you’re wondering, Otto, up to Holt, down to Jenks-Carpenter, back into neighborhood, whiteberry to house.) I’m not sure what the mileage is, more than a mile, I believe.

Interesting part, I used the pace we ran at the track last night for my “sprints” and went a minute for each one, with a 75 second rest in between. 4 sprints with a 3 minute warm-up and the rest of the walk home a cool down (last sprint ended middle of whiteberry). At the end my heartrate was getting over 170, which is nice. Of course, near home the heart rate monitor jumped up to 226 for some odd reason and wouldn’t come down. (usually that is interference from Otto’s strap, but I was all alone. Odd.) Other than that tho it was pretty ok.

I don’t like the pace I need to “run” (ok, jog) at to get out a minute though. While it is faster than a walk, it’s killer on my legs (shins) although it doesn’t bother me afterward. Normally I sprint fast enough that I land and push off differently, and it’s not so much with the impact. oh well.

It was a tough enough workout that I’m pretty pooped now, but I think I’ll live through the day. I’ll just steal some of Otto’s caffeine since I forgot to get my own last night.

I think training both will get me where I need to go. A “reasonable pace” training where I can run at least a minute, and a “fast sprint” training where I sprint pretty much as fast as I can for 30 seconds.

eh, I don’t have much more to say.

**(early for me, people. Which is rarely before 9 am, on days I don’t have to be in class. I don’t do much too much earlier than that except get my husband ready for work.)

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