Might’ve waited too long

We’ve been planning on getting sprinklers, but better than the crap spike-in-the-ground ones or the “have the kids play in the sprinkler” sprinkler. So we were planning on this: popup sprinkler And we went to get them last night, so I could put them in today.


Apparently they’re “seasonal,” even though every other sprinkler is not, and it’s the fall seeding time around here (which, of course, means you have to water your lawn if you want to not have basically wasted the money for seed) starting this month.

It was very aggravating, with the really obnoxiously unhelpful (for the most part) Lowes employees, and I don’t feel like relating it and getting all re-irritated.

I have to run around today and hope someone has a couple, and that they like clearanced them, not just took them off the shelves and won’t sell them. I’ll prolly just grab the item number now that I have it and only go to one store.

We’d been planning on this for months, and just hadn’t gotten the time to do it yet. We’d decided not to buy until we were ready to install. So much for that. :-(

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