Getting my come upents

Fucking sucks.

I always laugh at the people that’re being assholes and causing gridlock, not stopping before turning right, etc, when they get “caught” by those little cameras. I always chuckle when the light flashes. Because, I tend to find, that these people are the same ones who were fucking pricks on the road to everyone and fucking deserve it. And I don’t block intersections, because I understand the whole concept of gridlock, and I fucking get really irritated when the asstard behind me honks for me to get into an intersection I have no way to get out of. (Turning left and moving into the intersection to go when the oncoming cars clear is not what I’m talking about here; I’m talking about being in a spot where you won’t be able to get out of the intersection when the light turns red, thereby causing grief for others, and in bigger cases, gridlock.)

I always wince when I see the last person in a line of cars turning get caught at a light and go through it because they, for whatever reason, chose not to stop. I don’t laugh, because it’s not some dick making everything all unsafe and crap, pulling in front of oncoming traffic or running over school children and crap. I reserve my “ha-ha” moments for those who really seem to deserve it, not someone who misjudged the length of the yellow light.

Like I did about a week ago, apparently.
Fucking goddamn it!
Fuck fuck fuuuuck!

So, while I’m always glad to help out the school system and all… fuck!
At least the frikkin incident isn’t “recorded” in any meaningful way.

I mean, Sandy did that a bit ago, iirc. The light turned red *just* before she was into the intersection and cop pulled her over. So, really, that sucks. At least I just got a fucking camera ticket, not a ‘real’ one.

I’m mainly irritated because it would figure it’s the ONE time it happens. Since I’m usually annoying the shit out of myself by assuming the yellow is shorter than it is, I end up stopping and then waiting like a dolt for another 30 seconds till the damn light changes. But we were in obnoxious traffic, and I was fed up, and I thought the light had just changed to yellow so….

Oh well. At least I didn’t open it till after we got Otto a new bike so he didn’t have a reason to object to the whole thing and not want the bike.

“But she had her signal on, that makes it OK, right?”


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