A new hobby?

Awww… great. Bought a jewelry-making mag last night, and now I’m like… DROOL. Mainly wire, which is good because I’m not a big beading girl, but damn. I’m wondering just how expensive a hobby/art form this would be. And curious if I’d be decent enough to actually be able to sell some stuff. I’m especially liking the chainmaile stuff, it’s just freekin hot.

Got a few house plan mags as well, and there are a few I’m really drooling over. I mean, really…. nice. Not even huge, so much as big in the spots that matter. Somewhat bigger than what we have, but a bit better laid out, still with a lot of the features that we want/reasons we got this house.

“Next” apparently, is not only a ultra-retarded show, it occasionally has little snippets GUARANTEED to give me an aneurism in 72 hours flat. I’m pretty much doomed now.

What was I saying?

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