One Percent

The population of the US in 2000 according to the census was 281,421,906.
1% of that is 2,814,291 (rounding up) people.
That year, the population of San Diego was 1,223,400.
The population of Atlanta was 416,474.
The population of Baltimore is 651,154.
Vegas, 478,434.
Chicago’s population, interestingly enough, is 2,896,016. Not much more than 1% of the population.

So, why is 1% of the population statically insignificant when you’re talking about certain things? oh… right… to “prove” your point.

If someone said only 1% of the population died due to one cause or another… If nearly all of Chicago was wiped out… Would people think it so insignificant then?

What, exactly, is my point?
Every time I hear arguments about how BMI isn’t so bad because only about 1% of the population might be “special enough” to not fit into that little fucking mold, I’m sitting here thinking about how that’s nearly all of Chicago riding the damned short bus.

And, of course, noone is so damned special as to live in Chicago… the Most Elite of places to live in the US.

Let’s say that stupid number is just pulled out of some moron’s ass because they think “1%” is a small enough number to be insignificant, thus proving their point. Let’s say it’s only .5%. So, we’re talking the population of San Diego? I know someone in San Diego, do you? San Antonio? No? Must be that I’m specialer than you.

Let’s say even that is waay too fucking big. Let’s go with .1%, say, the population of Newark (NJ). You’re right! That is insignificant, I don’t know anyone in Newark!

Here, let’s try cutting that about in half… or even a third… say around 100,100. The size of Cary, NC. I mean, who has ever heard of anyone in Car…. hmm… bad example, eh?

3,000 is 1/1000 of the population of Chicago. (roughly)
3,000 is 1/1000 of 1/100 of the US population.

If even so small a number as 3,000 is so damn insignificant, why the fuck are we at war in the Middle East again?

Or is 1/100,000 only significant when you wish to use it to prove your point?

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