Keeping track of time

It’s funny. Anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time watching what they eat will eventually come across the idea that if you have to write it down, you modify what you eat simply because you’re admitting to it.

It’s the first step in weightloss many times. Don’t change anything, just write everything down. Don’t worry about calories, just write what you eat and about how much, maybe even when.

Suddenly, you don’t want to have to write down “1 large pizza w/ the works” or “1/2 a cake.” Suddenly, you modify what you eat to not actually look all that bad on paper. There’s an automatic modification, especially for people who “know better,” in the eating habits. Suddenly less crap gets shoveled in. When we have to actually look at what we’re doing and admit it to ourselves, we can no longer trick ourselves that it was “just a piece” when it was 1/4 of the whole damned cake.

Same is true for tracking time.
I’ve found myself far more productive on days when I actually mark out how I’ve spent my time on a calendar. I don’t really like the big blocks of “dicking around” and the various euphemisms I use to make it sound better: “relaxing” or “chillin” or “taking a break.” 3 hours is not a “break” it’s just sitting on my ass, slacking off, doing nothing. Hell, my time would be better spent masturbating. That I’d at least KNOW I was doing for three hours (and I’d not do that, it just gets boring after a bit).

I find this especially useful now that I’m back in school. I waste extreme amounts of time just dicking around normally. I also have a very tough time scheduling my time. It’s really not a natural thing for me; I don’t like to feel all regimented like that. However, if I just TRACK my time, I get nearly the same benefit, without the rigidness of something overly planned. I see that the time labeled “doing nothing” is getting kinda big and my todo list for the day is not being crossed off much, and I get off my ass and go wash a dish or something.

I highly recommend it. If you don’t have another system in place (that actually works for you), give it a try. When you “can’t find the time” to do whatever you say you want to do, try taking a serious look at what you are actually spending your time doing. Track it. You’ll see if there is any need for improvement, and if you are a big-assed slacker like me, you’ll prolly improve just from doing it. Be honest. Be fairly exact. Hell, track the 10 minutes you spend on the crapper, and notice that you’re taking a 20 minute shower. More importantly, you’ll realize that the “few minutes” you spend dicking around on the interweb is really 30. Or something like that.

(there are 2 birds out eating seeds off my lawn. teensy little buggers. cute as hell.)

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