Germans say: “WTF is wrong with American People???”

On Miami Ink that we watched on the dvr last night… the chick who had the “Mary on her grilled cheese” getting a tattoo… of the fkkin grilled cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111eleventyonebang

Dude, what the fuck?

And seriously… I’m not kidding here.
ONE tooth for her top set. And not too many more for her bottom set.


I have issues with people who “see” ‘holy’ images in objects. Considering our brains/eyes/etc are wired to be able to “fill in the pieces” and “see” things that really aren’t there…
For instance…
What do you “see” here?

If you see a triangle, you’re not seeing it, it’s not explicitly there… your brain, however, can connect the dots and knows about the shape of a triangle, and Voila! Virgin in grilled cheese!

Also, I’m sorry. I looked. I saw a “face” too, I suppose. Of course, the face I saw looked much more like Madonna, and I don’t mean THE Madonna. I mean the slutty one who’s career is diminishing and still tries to be an attention whore by kissing Britney Spears (pthewie!) on stage, not the Immaculate Conceiver.

And, frankly, to those who cite the “miraculous” ability of the sammich to not rot…. IT’S WONDER BREAD and CHEESE FOOD! That shit won’t decay if left buried in a hole with cow shit for 4,000 years, for christ’s sake. We had an issue some time ago with the humidity and crap with our bread molding rather quickly. Finally, after trying assloads of kinds, I went with wonder bread. Nothing touched that shit. It’ll go stale (some say its born that way), but it won’t fucking rot, or mold, or ANYTHING. I’m surprised people can digest that shit. Velveta too. That stuff doesn’t even have an expiry date!

So, anyway… I’m pretty sure some German dude somewhere just flipped channels from watching Rammstein’s “We all live in america” video (the creepy one where they’re on the moon playing Star Trek pin ball) to Some creepy old fat chick with no teeth get a tattoo of a grilled cheese sandwich on her fucking right tit, exclaiming “What the FUCK is wrong with American People.”

Right back at ya, Gunter!

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  1. Istok Says:

    You actually watched Inked? I hope it was by accident.
    Thats like a feel good show. Meaning after you watch a bunch of tatted-up freaks with major issues that attempt to function in society, you really feel good about yourself even if you are a 39 yo door greeter for Walmart who lives at home with his mom.

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