It’s a thought. A thought I’d mostly turned away when it was suggested last week because it just seemed terribly unlikely. My stomach issues were similar to other times when I was just really hungry one day or so in the middle of a cut, especially after some rigorous training sessions. I chalked last episode to dehydration and lack of calories.

So this time when it happened yesterday, after 2 days of some severe sweating, I tried my damnedest to keep eating and drinking water. Today I am even probably at a decent number of calories. (Yesterday I wasn’t due to the rather obnoxious nausea that accompanies these episodes.) It helped, some. But today wasn’t terribly pleasant as the day went on, and now I am actually getting some sharp pains in one particular spot.

So… maybe. And, I go check WebMD. Because, if what is there in no way meshes, then I’m more likely to sit back and wait. And then there’s the NSAID reference.


For the last number of weeks, my really horrible teeth have been severely acting up. On one side I need 2 root canals (both already started) and about 5 fillings. (I really do have very, very bad teeth.) When I had problems before leading to the removal of my wisdom teeth, the nice lady I talked to said that the doc often recommended 800mg of ibuprofen and 500 mg of acetaminophen for the pain. It worked well then, so I started taking it again.

And the teeth got worse and I wasn’t getting around to calling the dentist and so I took more. Not wanting to take that much acetaminophen, I dropped it and found that the ibuprofen worked just fine by itself. I got the cheap store shit, because advil is expensive when you take 12-16 of the fuckers a day.

Yes, I took that much. I had days of 4 doses of 4 pills every day.

So, I guess there’s the possibility that this is considered excessive enough that my stomach has started to rebel. Fucking traitorous bastard. I tell you, my body fucking hates me. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

So, on the bright side my teeth haven’t acted up in a couple days, hoping I can keep that under control until I get into the dentist. If it does crop up, I’ll just go with some damned tylenol for the time being, seeing as how my liver probably wants in on the fun too, and I might as well give it a reason to join the party. Popping a few tums or something here and there will hopefully help, and it’ll be all over and I can go back along my merry way of killing myself via injury, instead of illness.

THIS is why I hate using medications. For the longest time, if it didn’t require a prescription, I didn’t take anything. Most things could be dealt with by just rest and ignoring it. Then I got all fucking weak and started taking shit and now I’m looking at the possibility of having a stupid ulcer.

Life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes I get the one with the broccoli paste.

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