I guess my main problem with this shit is that there’s no figuring stuff out without asking my husband. Every time I go to look at how to do something, there’s nothing there (ie, the complete lack of any actual text on the webpage), or the “way to do it” seems so obvious, that when it doesn’t seem to work I am stuck for a way to do it, because it’s not the logical, seemingly right-in-front-of-me solution that I see.

I want to add more projects. It has them crossed off and looks completed for some reason. I try to change the length of time a completed project stays on the project page; it doesn’t seem to work and goes away. I go to the page that is recommended for grocking this shit, and the page that might help in the “user guide” on the site contains one fucking word… “stub” … that isn’t part of the “on every page menu items and ‘pretty’ (not so much) shit.

This is why I don’t use it. It seems to fucking suck. So either I’m a total fucking idiot who can’t figure out a simple asinine “helpful” program, or the fucking this sucks.

I’d fucking LOVE to use something that would actually help me manage projects. But I also don’t want to be staring a finished project in the face for fuck knows how long, making my project list longer than it needs to be and being a bunch of distracting finished shit that seems to sit on top of the list of stuff as well. It would sure be swell if the help was actually helpful.

I despise things that require extensive asking of someone else how to use them. I don’t want to annoy someone else with my questions. I want to figure this shit out myself so that I can actually use it and remember how to use it. I want something that doesn’t seem intuitive but really isn’t. That is just fucking annoying.


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