DIY Planner

So I’ve started working on a few planner pages for Otto, to track workouts better, to track cardio, to help train for his triathlon, etc. It’s pretty cool that the already existent .pdfs are still editable in Illustrator. Makes it a bit easier. While I’m making everything the standard 5.5″x8.5″ (half letter sized), I’ll also make a smaller version for 3×5 cards that can be kept around and used in a pinch, or when not much needs to be written, just done. Between this and the wiki work, I’ll be pretty busyish for the weekend. Not to mention a paper to write and some Marie de France to read and some design prep to do. Fun. Relaxing. Happy Aoife.

It is positively beautiful out, hope the rain stops so we can run on the track tonite. It helps that Otto is tri-training, it gives me a reason to push him that doesn’t feel like nagging, and therefore I’m a hypocrite if I don’t get off my ass too. Maybe a nano would be nice, cuz then I’d force him to walk during the day by walking myself… (insert evil snicker here)

I need to open up a kinkless doc and get some of these projects and tasks in there, so they stop floating around in my head.

(skips happily off…)

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