Curiouser comment spam

I must comment on a couple I’ve gotten today. It just kinda… makes one wonder if we’re being contacted by alien life. (as in ET, not as in “seal our boarders”)

” robots cheep flights”

so, cheeping robots are flying? So this was a link to robot birds who went cheep? We’ll never know.

“robots cheap airfares flights travel9″

This one makes all kinds of no sense. All kinds. What, exactly, is the fascination with robots? I mean, sure, robots are cool. So are monkeys, pirates, ninjas, and pussies. But I don’t really get what robots have to do with flights or travel9.

One thing that would be cool to see, would be a monkey doing the robot. Or, a robot doing a monkey dance. I’m not sure which would be funner, but I’d sure like to find out.

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