So, we’re revisiting the idea of the floors downstairs. We’ve also thought about pulling up the vinyl upstairs in the baths. But anyway, for the wood. We’re thinking of going with unfinished. And getting someone else to do the sanding. The stain and topcoats we can do just fine ourselves, but the sanding is what I’m mainly worried about. And laying it, potentially. I mean, we’re not talking about little snap and stick kind of things, so not sure how tough that’ll be.

But, we haven’t completely made up our minds yet, and we still have plenty of options, and we have yet to really look in depth at the unfinished idea.

GAH! I am so tired.

There was some decent tile on clearance at Lowe’s, and we were thinking about doing our baths. Mainly because when they split up the vinyl to fix a creak in the first few weeks of us owning the house, they did a crappyish job of smoothing it down, so we’ve had a cut in our vinyl since we moved in. That and with only about $100-$200 worth of materials, we could have tile in both baths up there and that certainly has to be better than crappy sheet vinyl, even if I did pick the best they had on offer.

So, while we’re still deciding what exactly we’re going to do and what we’ll end up with, we at least have an idea of what we want done.


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