Kinda pissed

Hmm… just read something that kinda irritated me, and made me worry about the someone to whom it pertains. And since I’m in the middle of my project and am getting doubly annoyed that some thoughts keep bouncing around in my head, I needed to sort of get it off my chest. Even though, like many other things I may want to rant about, I can’t say anything really. I don’t know what is necessarily going on, and it’s certainly none of my business anyway.

And my teeth won’t stop hurting this evening, and my car is totally fucking trying to kill me, and I can’t find the handout for my design project that tells me what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m fucking doing this instead of getting work done because I thought I’d read something and then it irritated me.


Oh well, off to find drugs and to get work done. I like what I have done so far and I’ll be finished shortly.


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