The big shit doesn’t get written

You know, it never does. Not with private people. We bottle up the big things, or we splurt all out, but in our real everyday lives. We don’t usually share the big shit with others. Especially the bad big shit, the personal big shit, and the big shit that concerns others.

Sure, some people share the really life changing things, either in happy celebrations or in “warnings to others” or “shows of support” and that’s great.

But there’s a lot going on in someone’s life, and in their head, that we don’t know about.
And sometimes, people are assholes and fuck with you when you’re going through one of those times.

It’s happened to me, on a number of occations, and I’ve never looked at the people involved quite the same again. They lost some of my respect, in my eyes… Not because they couldn’t see that maybe I was going through some big shit and their assholeness was unwelcome… But more that even if such was brought to their attention they couldn’t be bothered to man up and bother to apologize or sympathize or anything… At best they just turned into defensive assfucks that just liked to berate someone for being hurt because they didn’t know.

Which is kinda why children are supposedly encouraged to generally be niceish and not be nasty to people, because you never know if you’re the last fucking straw, or if you’re kicking someone when they’re down.

I hope if you’re going through some big shit right now in your life that noone is being overly prickish to you.

No, this probably doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t have much context at the moment, there’s just some things from the long-long-ago in the before-time that occasionally bother me.
Cest la vie

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