I have been soooo fucking hungry… it’s getting pretty damned old. Nothing makes me feel better. It is fucking distracting as hell. And it hurts. Literally, it hurts my stomach. I’m not sure if it’s because of an increase in caloric expenditure or if I’ve suddenly got a fucking tape worm (I’m betting it’s not the latter, though), but it’s really irritating. Homework, reading, watching tv, eating, drinking… nothing takes my mind off it. Eating doesn’t help. Water doesn’t help. Drugs (I end up taking lots of ibuprofen for my teeth-aches) don’t help. Argh.

To top it off, half the time most food sounds truly awful and makes me want to retch at the thought of eating it. Panaera’s black bean soup helped a bit, and wasn’t nauseating, as was a few slices of Rudino’s pizza but neither totally got rid of it. I’ve been battling this all damn day and half of yesterday. Now it’s time for sleep and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be miserable. Can’t think, can’t relax, haven’t come across something that doesn’t sound horrid to actually eat.

This so totally sucks. I’m gonna be screwed tomorrow if this keeps up. I don’t know if I can deal with a day full of classes at this rate.


Maybe I need to go shopping. Any suggestions?


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  1. introspectre Says:

    Are you sure that’s not an ulcer? Mine feels like that a lot….like if I don’t eat, my stomach will eat ITSELF.
    I might be missing something. I’ll go indulge in your blog for awhile and see if I can find a clue.

  2. Aoife Says:

    I have had that thought, actually. One of these days, I may even bring it up to my doctor (assuming, of course, I can remember something like that… it’s tough enough to remember even why I’m there when it’s a physical, sometimes) when I stop in.

    The thing is, at the moment I’m eating under maintenance calories to shed a few extra inches/pounds/points on the jiggle scale, and that’s about the only time I get like this, for the most part… on a cut cycle.

    I should rule out the ulcer thing at some point though, you’re right. It’s not like my life has been stress free up to this point, so it’s always a possibility.

    LOVE your blog, btw.

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