Penis Fencing

This, is awesome.

In addition to the fact that 2 female bonobos will rub their clitorises together in a reconciliation ritual, male bonobos will hang from branches and penis fence.
Yes, they will take their erect willies and rub and thwack them against each other in a “kiss and make up” kind of way.

Now, whenever I see any sort of disagreement, I’m gonna have to insist that some penis fencing take place after the fact so that there is no hard feelings among the participants.

You have to admit this is pretty kick ass… I mean, when is the last time you’ve seen some good penis fencing action? Now you know where to get it. Bonobos rock. They’re almost as good as monkeys… but monkeys are better because they have awesome tails, and like to be pirates. And pirates have booty.

In the end (heh heh heh…), it’s aaallll good.

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  1. introspectre Says:

    THAT is truly awesome.

    Now I love you.

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