They hurt my hip flexors. Maybe it’s an issue with stretching or warmup, but most cardio begins to hurt my hip flexors after a bit. Not an everlasting hurt, but a stiffness that makes long forms of cardio, regardless of speed (so long as it’s faster than a mosey), a pain. At the gym I usually try to avoid this by switching machines, which helps some. And the cardio/lift split worked out fairly well. Sprints at the track, however, are a bit different.

It’s not something that’ll stop me, I like doing sprints, but it will require some paying attention and tweaking to see how things go. I need to get back to yoga; plague stopped me from being able to go to class, and then there was travel and such. Now I could use to go again and the nights I go I’m out of class earlier, so it’s easier to get a meal in after class (often a problem during my summer class).

6 laps at the track. First 4 I sprinted the straight portions, which got my hearrate up to the 160 mark by the end, and walked the rounded portions which allowed my heartrate to fall to 130 before my next sprint. The last 2 laps were walking and some stretching to make my hip flexors feel better. Banana and water at home, feeling pretty good.

Once I was done sprinting it was ouchie, but I still managed a decent enough paced walk to keep my heartrate up near 140, so that’s good. I am not too tired, which is nice, usually I am dead after something pretty hard.

Now, I’m gonna read and chill. :-)

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