New gym

February/March time frame our new gym will be open. We joined tonite. It better be fucking sweet….
Lifetime Fitness

Our O2 contract will be up by then, and this place is about as far, 24 hours, and has pools (since Otto wants to do triathlons….) Plus it’s like $130 for a vomax test and all sorts of other cool-assed shit.

Totally stoked!


We are founding members, so we got some tshirts. Actually not too bad ones at that… There was a contest they were holding (all the people working there at 8pm) that was basically called “How do you pronounce this chicks name?” Guess what chick that might be… heh. A couple came kinda close, but noone got it. Apparently at some time previous to our arrival they had been going on about what people’s names would sound like if you took out all the vowels… which makes me “fffffff”… anyway, it was entertaining, and I might even consider the 7am boot-camp thing.

Sheah, right. And monkeys might fly out my butt!

So it was like totally funny that Otto had been lamenting that there wasn’t a 24 hour gym in the area. There is, but they’re in Raleigh and such. And lamenting that there wasn’t anywhere with a pool other than the Y. The bronze relief sculpture on the side of the Y didn’t really make Otto actually *want* to join the Y… as it was a rather big (and somewhat gaudy, and certainly not the best art ever) reminder that it is the ymCa…. and you know how Otto is about the whole religion thing…. But there is one near where the new office will be (eventually) and therefore it would be something he could use during lunches or whatnot.

There’s one of these (actually more than one) in Chicago, and Otto and I were rather baffled by the whole attitude his dad had about the place… how they thought about it but decided not to because it was so far away…. (the same people who thought the damn 7-11 .8 miles away was kinda far away). We were all like dude, if we had a place like that, we’d be totally down with that shit. And now we will.

Wonder how hard I have to wish for a Fry’s before we get one…

5 Responses to “New gym”

  1. k96ag04 Says:

    My wife and I are members of one of the Chicago locations and love this gym. You guys will be really happy with this choice :)

  2. Otto Says:

    I really hope so. It feels weird to join a gym six months before it’ll be open. At least there’s no contract involved.

  3. cyebrpunk Says:

    Lifetime is the rolls royce of gym’s. I nearly shed a tear when I moved from Ohio and had to leave mine. The y really do have it all…except a rowing machine, mine didn’t have one of those. They’re pricey, but you get what you pay for.

  4. Aoife Says:

    Yeah, it seems cool… and the 30 day (after they open) guarantee is nice…
    And apparently we got a great deal on the init. fee…
    *cross fingers*

    It’s only a bit more a month than our current gym, and that just means one less dinner at Moe’s (which, since it’s next to the current gym is half the reason we eat there, so it wouldn’t be so tough). heh.

  5. kitmouse Says:

    I used to work at a Lifetime in Minnesota, they’re very cool. Good choice! Hubby and I are at LA Fitness right now, and I’m happy with it. Wish the pool was deeper, but hey, if that’s my only complaint… ;)

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