I’m gonna have to go back to plotting it. Because, frankly, it’s irritating. Normally, when I’m cutting I see the general downward trend. It may be up one day, but on the whole it doesn’t stay up and it goes nicely downward. Not so this time. This time my weight isn’t budging for the most part. I mean, sure I have days where I’m down (at the moment almost 4 total pounds) some, but then it pops right back up and stays up. It doesn’t pop up a bit or something, it’s a bunch.

Normally this doesn’t bother me. But then again, normally there’s some freekin progress to be seen.

No, please don’t go on about how often I should or should not weigh myself. What I do works for me, and I’m just ranting a bit because normally I’m able to see a trend without plotting.

So, I shall plot. Because, if nothing else, I can see if I’m getting somewhere or not. If I’m really getting somewhere, I’ll shut the fuck up and work harder. If I’m not, then I’ll have to take a closer look at what I’m doing and start week long experiments in eating to see what works out better.

And speaking of things about weighing in that annoy me…

It sucks that my digestive system requires food to start going again. In other words, I can either weigh myself before I eat, or I can weigh myself sometime later after I have a meaningful trip to the crapper. I can’t have both. I assume most people get to poop most mornings before getting their day started. I just must be like… oddly efficient at using what I eat, since I end up with very little solid waste most days. This is freekin annoying to me. I should be able to get the 2-5 pound boost occasionally, too! pout

yes, yes, yes… tmi… whatever.

On a funny note: Kling-Hop
Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have that kind of imagination. :-)

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