Skipping the gym

I’ve decided to not go to the gym today, even though I had planned to.
Just finished a workout that would normally be a lame-assed “let’s get back into lifting” workout that turned out pretty bad-assed when using Kit’s little formula of using cardio in between lifts. My lifts were light-weight supersets, the cardio was 3 minutes on the elliptical. I didn’t wear the heartrate monitor (forgot), but every time I got on the elliptical, my heartrate was around 135-140, so basically I managed to maintain a higher heartrate than normal (usually my lift heartrates tend to be 125-130). Cool. Kinda brutal, and now I very sleepy.

I may head to the gym this evening with Otto to get in some long cardio, but I also have homework (reading… lots and lots of reading) to do so prolly not. If he’s in the mood for a walk, I’ll do that. I may even do a walk if he’s not interested… it is a nice cue to my body/mind that bedtime is approaching.

Homework time.

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