Trouser Snakes on a Plane

So, since Snakes on a Plane opens tonite, I figured I’d also give a link to The Ultimate Orgy. Um…. in case you couldn’t guess, NSFW. It even says so in the beginning. And who could forget the awesome All Your Snakes are Belong to Us… (damn that took a bit to find again.)

And, yes, I do want to see the movie, Otto.

Now then, I suppose I should do something useful, like homework.

2 Responses to “Trouser Snakes on a Plane”

  1. Otto Says:

    But do you want to see it tonight?

    Snakes on a Plane - (11:30 AM), (12:20), (1:10), (2:10), (3:00), (3:50), (4:50), (5:40), 6:35, 7:35, 8:20, 9:15, 10:20

    Snakes on a Plane - (12:30 PM), (1:30), (3:30), (4:20), 6:05, 7:00, 8:40, 10:00, 11:05

    An 11:05 show might be something we need to do just because we need to drive them to have more late showtimes. :)

  2. Aoife Says:

    Very late is fine with me, although maybe not one of those, since I’m really annoyed with the rather crap experience of a Consolidated Theatre experience. They’re all bad in my view. Where did Sandy go again?

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