Field mice

There was a family of field mice in the yard this morning, out back. Scampering to and fro, into and out of the forest in the back yard. It was incredibly cute. This one big-assed mouse, and a slew (5ish) of little mices maybe only 2 inches or so, just hopping about. Hell, until I looked I thought they were rabbits… but the rabbits are bigger here. A little one hopped along under the deck and back out. I think they all went back into the wild area of trees and bushes and vines and such. Hopefully we won’t actually have any problems with them, and that they prefer to live outside. Since we’re not on a slab but do have a crawl space, I’m certain we won’t see them in the house ever, but I don’t really want to see them in the crawl space either.

Too freekin cute though.

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  1. introspectre Says:

    Share! Pictures! Come on!

  2. Aoife Says:

    I couldn’t get any. One day though I’ll add pics of the cute little things that wander onto our property to the gallery. Bunnies almost make up for it, if I can find the bunny pics. Some of the froggies are pretty cool too. Donno if I’ve managed to catch the lizard-dude that hangs out here though. He’s a slippery little fucker.

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