Oddly bored

I slept not so great last night, but better than the night before. I woke at 7, even though I didn’t need to. Dosed and stuff, I guess. So I’m kinda tired. Dealt with the association management company this morning to try and get this thing dealt with, since I’d rather not my retarded HOA foreclose on my house because of a payment I made wasn’t recorded. This will take time, but we’re on track to getting it resolved. If I have to pay the resulting atty fees because the atty was contacted because of someone else’s mistake, I will be extraordinarily pissed. I am also from now on gonna be a total bitch and contact everyone about everything in fucking triplicate to be sure that nothing else gets fucked up.

At any rate, no classes today. Don’t have books yet (will get tonite, there’s no lines at night), so can’t do homework. House is not “Good Housekeeping clean,” but it’s pretty decent. Clothes, there’s enough to wear. Food should prolly be cooked.

But I’m fucking bored. And slightly restless. But in a weird way.

Anxiety kicked in majorly this morning, but subsided after dealing with the mgmt company, because at least something is being done and she wasn’t a total bitch. Also, apparently, she didn’t get my last communication, and so it’s why I never heard back from her. Whatever.

But, I’m still kinda underlying anxious, but only a bit, and it’s really weird. I don’t really have much to be all antsy about. So it’s that weird restless-bored-antsy-anxious feeling, and I can’t shake it.

I’m also feeling incredibly lazy. I don’t want to cook because cooking requires standing, but I’m doing that now anyway because it needs to be done so Otto has food for tomorrow. If I had my books, I’d prolly be reading Beowulf.

Maybe it’s the feeling of needing to do things that (the one’s I want to) I can’t at the moment. I donno. I was fine earlier, but the restlessness has been building for a bit and now I’m just really, really uncomfortable. Nervous. Heartbeat is a bit fast. Too much caffeine? (As if there is such a thing for the Aoife.) I donno, it’s really unsettling. Hopefully cooking or something will help. Gym tonite. Burn off some excess energy.

I’m pretty sure I took my pills last night, I remember doing it. This is kinda similar to being low blood sugar though, not “forgot pills night before” -ish.

I’m ok. Just, feeling jittery and don’t like it. Prolly the sitting around too much thing.

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