Well, only one. About 2 hours long. Since one now needs an id to get books, everyone and their brother are getting their id today. I had 3 hours to be able to, since my design class let out early (studio classes usually do first day, because you don’t have supplies to do any real work yet). It took 2. My back freekin hurts. My iBook is not heavy, but after 2 hours, it felt like it was easily 50 pounds I was carrying. My back hurts. whine

Anyway, design was pretty ok. Since I pretty much don’t need any supplies, maybe an excuse to get a new sketch book (class specific, since it will be collected) and some better glue…

Damn… some hot chicks this semester…

Anyway… I will need glue, because the glue stick I have sucks total ass. Other than that, I don’t need anything new, so that’ll be nice for a change.

I’m exhausted. Slept very badly last night for reasons I don’t know. Woke up a lot, hard to get back to sleep… ugh. Oh well. Hopefully monday will be better and it was just a matter of my body not knowing what time it was and such. I’ll need to leave closer to 8, I left later (8:25ish) and parking was very full. Not so full as to not get a space faaaar out, but a few more minutes late and I would have been screwed.

So my eating plan has been tossed, since I didn’t have the time really to go get anything, but I’ll survive today and be fine for next week. I was down 2 pounds from last wednesday this morning, even with the rather early weigh-in, so I guess that’s good. I think I forgot to put on deodorant. heh.

Want some fun?
iLL WiLL Press vault

I’m hoping to steer clear of candy today. I figure I’ll prolly need to bring a balance bar or something for between lit and anthropology in the future. I’m very scattered today, this prolly isn’t super good. Donno if I’ll be doing yoga, depends on how I feel come 7. The muffin I managed to find for lunch (I really wasn’t gonna touch the salad stuff today) was 450, and honestly that’s a lot, especially for what the muffin was. Oh well.

I was hoping to get to the bank during my three hours off, now I have to hope I can get there before 530 when I get out at 5 and it’ll take me 10 minutes to walk to the car. If not I can do it in the morning, I’d just rather have it done today.

Feeling… like I have very low bloodsugar. Kinda shakey and really slow. Gonna be an interesting rest of the day, three hours and 2 classes left, small break inbetween classes. This is something I can’t let happen again though…

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