It’s odd. I’ve been drinking buttloads of water lately, and yet my lips are cracked and my skin is dry. What up with that? I’ve been making a conscious effort to increase water intake precisely because I become rather easily dehydrated if I let myself, as I tend not to drink much during workouts or during dry weather (as Chicago was very hot and dry) and whatnot. Usually I’m at least able to fend off dry skin… but lately… ugh!

Since we have gotten plenty of containers for water, large for picnics/soccer games, small and squeezable for workouts, average sized hard ones for having around, I will hopefully be able to bring water with me to school. I have a tendency to not eat well or such at school, because food is such a PITA to bring and store. However, this semester I have 2 hours after my studio class, which is plenty of time to run to the car and get food and still have time to eat and deal with any assignments I might need to work on. So, that’s good. The only water sold on campus is bottled aquafina which tastes similar to what I’d imagine horse piss tasting like, without the good flavouring. Hence why normally my water intake during classes is not all that high.

Ah well, at least I’m drinking it, I guess. Kinda scary what my skin might be like if I wasn’t, now that I think about it.

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