Not a morning person

You know, if you’re coming to visit me, that’s fine. You want to wake me up at 5-the-fuck-am to take your ass to the airport? You better have a Damn Good Reason(tm) for wanting a fucking early morning fucking flight. If you don’t have a Damn Good Reason(tm)…

Let’s just say that the Aoife is not terribly happy right now. Fucking tired as shit, and she got more sleep than her husband.

So fucking glad we have the house to ourselves again. Still fucking irritated there’s really no decompress time… from when class let out 3 weeks ago. Family can be soooo incredibly irritating…

It’s fucking 7am for fuck’s sake…

3 Responses to “Not a morning person”

  1. ssyba Says:

    you are a very unhappy person.

  2. k96ag04 Says:

    Did you know that family and dead fish are alike? They both start to stink after a few days.

  3. Aoife Says:

    I am a very irritated person right now, who is not happy at the moment. So far as my normal self who doesn’t have to deal with the bullshit of yesterday and today, I am very happy. It may be tough to tell from a blog based mainly on rants, but that’s because I rant here, and am therefore far more happy and peaceful in my life. People can believe whatever they want about me, but not actually knowing me means they don’t know much.

    k96ag04… oh yeah. :-D

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