Need to not stay up so late. Didn’t mean to, just happened, and I am soo friggin tired right now. The gloom outside isn’t helping here…

Supposed to rain, I hope I get a bit of mowing done before it does.

Didn’t get to go for a walk last night, Otto’s knee was bothering him. Kinda bummed about that, I like going on walks. Plus, it adds distance to his nike thingie which is cool, because then we also know how far we walk, so we don’t need to go somewhere that has markers just for a walk. The park with the pond with the duckies is nice, but the gnats get annoying.

So I want to lift some today, and get in some time on the elliptical. I need to mow, and today is bathroom day. And hopefully I’ve found a solution for that damned toilet. Steaming the rest of the living room, and general pickup. That’s about it. If I can not goof off so much and actually work on stuff, no big deal. So here’s to not slacking. heh… maybe I’ll even get in some cooking.

I’m just so tired…

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