Sometimes, I do wish I was a bit more anonymous here. There are a lot of things that I tend to think and not actually write because of the idea that people I know read this. If it were just another random blog on the interweb, none of the readers knowing who the author was… some things would be much easier to say. Sometimes it’s a matter of I know other people won’t want to read certain things, sometimes it’s me not wanting to put certain things out.

I’ve thought about setting up another purely anonymous blog somewhere, but really I doubt I could maintain 3 blogs at once. I’m just not that much of a talker. But it would be nice, sometimes, to say some things I’ll never get around to saying, get some crap off my chest instead of letting it bounce around inside my skull eternally. I’m not much of a diary person, the only reason I manage to keep up a blog is because people read it, and it feeds some weirdly narcissistic part of my makeup… that part pretty much every blogger needs to have… otherwise they’d just keep a silly lock & key diary.

But instead I’m either too worried about squicking people out or offending people too much or revealing too much of my personal self, and so I just shut the fuck up and keep it in and it rattles around and really tends to annoy me until it manages to fade a bit.

And yes, I am actually worried about offending people. I could be extraordinarily cruel if I wanted to, and could seriously bash people when I get pissed. If I could do it in a way that was less “me saying it about so-and-so” and more a matter of “random internet person saying it about some other random person, neither of whom does the reader have any guess about” … I would.

That, and I wouldn’t want someone to have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve struck a nerve… either a pissy one or a hurtful one.

So, silently I go back to cleaning…

One Response to “Anonymity”

  1. cyberpunk Says:

    I’m in the exact same boat…and yet I do nothing…barely update 1 blog.