Toilet woes

No, this is not a TMI scenario. One of the problems with being first time homeowners who have never lived in houses before in our lives, is that sometimes things go wrong that normal people know about but you don’t. So, say a toilet starts running. Besides the basic shake the handle to make sure it’s not stuck and fix the float position so that it shuts the valve off, what exactly do you do?

Well, apparently, you replace the flapper at the bottom that covers the hole that sends the water from the tank into the bowl. After a bit, it seems, the flapper becomes brittle and doesn’t seal up all nice like, so a bit of water runs out of the tank, and therefore the various assembled parts that let in water to equalize the situation. So, you have a running toilet.

But, this is not the intuitive thing. Especially when you see no trace of water leaking into the bowl from the tank to suspect the flapper-doohikkie. So, if you’re like us poor, unfortunate bastards, you listen to a “handyman-type” father(in law) and replace the damn ballcock assembly, because it’s allowing water to leak into the tank.

Know what? Once you do something like that, then you have to put the fucking shit back together. And no matter how handy I’ve become in the last year, I still can’t get the fucker to go together without leaking… for real… straight out the tank where the hole to put the assembly is. I’ve finally got the water line to the flex pipe not leaking, and the pipe to the ballcock assembly not leaking, but that “one size fits all” gasket thingie that wedges into the hole in the tank… doesn’t seem to fit all.

So I’ve now got some plumber’s putty to try and seal that off or something… but pretty soon I’m gonna have to call a plumber… or throw the damn toilet out the window. Course, then I’d still need a plumber… Just to install a new toilet.

So, if your toilet is running and the normal adjustments don’t seem to cut it, do yourself a favour and start by replacing that 65 cent flapper before you look to doing anything more drastic.


Good thing we have 3 toilets in this house… and we only made that retarded mistake once….

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