A bit better

This morning my weight was down 2 pounds from yesterday, where it had been hovering since I got home from Chicago and was able to weigh myself. I’m feeling a little better about the whole thing. I spent most of the time in Chicago unable to really eat on my own schedule, and so I usually wound up with 3 bigger meals far apart, waiting a loooong time before eating breakfast, and having a final meal after 10 when everyone went to bed. (I don’t get the “bed by 10:00″ thing, but whatever.) Snacks were mainly of a cookie or similar variety, because that was most easily accessible, and there were always annoying comments when we ate meals anyway (so we (or I) rarely wanted to eat real meals at times other than designated). I really do prefer my own damn kitchen, I must say.

At any rate, after a full day of not feeling like shit and being able to eat normally (small meals throughout the day, no mini binge and starve sessions) I feel much better and am down a couple pounds. I’m still not pre-trip weight, but at least I’m not seeing that number on the scale in the morning.

I’m sorry Harry, I just found the email addy for the comment funny, and it always takes me a sec to realize certain comments aren’t spam, which is why I even look at addys. Thanks, it’s been nice that you’ve hung around. I’m an abusive bitch, I know, but you’ve been pretty swell over the years. I only show off my pretty manhand finger to the people I like. ;-) (and asshole drivers who cut me off… but so long as you don’t see my finger when I’m in a car, it’s meant in friendship…)

Now if I can just get my waist back into the realm of “girls range” instead of “boy range” … then I’d be happier. sigh

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