I hate steam cleaning. It is slow and always makes me sweaty, regardless of the temp. I think we need a new vacuum. We had some old one, and it got annoying so we got a bagless. Now the bagless’s suction for the main part (the floor cleaning part) is next to nil, though I’ve tried fixing it and making sure there’s nothing in the line, and though the attachments’ suction is just fine. So, we’ve gone back to the bagged old one, which always smells like it’s about to burst into flame, and whose attachments don’t suck (which is a bad thing… because they should).

I’m annoyed, there’s no reason for the bagless to be all weird like that. And it’s a really nice vacuum, too.
I’ve seen canister vacs around for under 100, wondering if they are any good. Because the one good thing about a canister is that it would be easier to vacuum the stairs with than the uprights are.

I also have cooking and laundry to do, but those aren’t too bad. I’m just not a person who likes cleaning, I’ve been the housekeeper for 20 years and I’m sick of it. I didn’t grow up in a normal, spotless home, so it’s hard to keep mine that way. We are just so very lazy… Just messy.

We have lots of crap, still after 5 years nowhere decent to put the lot of it. I’d say we lack the money, but we manage to find the money for ipods and laptops and games and consoles and eating out and clothes… so it’s more a matter of priority of money. Furniture, especially the non-expensive type, isn’t terribly entertaining to go out and buy. And throwing away our crap is hard, because some of it we need. And putting away the crap we do have a place for requires us to be not lazy. And there’s way too much tv to watch to get that crap done.

I like my house, but the next one will be designed differently. And it’ll come with a robot ninja monkey pirate to be my helper monkey.

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  1. cyberpunk Says:

    Get a Dyson. I know they’re expensive, but its the last vacuum you’ll need. I have a friend with one that he loves, and as soon as mine craps out thats what I’m getting.

  2. Aoife Says:

    I’ll keep that in mind.

    Both of ours are supposed to be great. The bagged one… well that I understand. We’ve had that nearly a decade now, maybe more… can’t remember if we got it before or after we moved to NC. The bagless is a hoover (I think), and was one of the $200 ones at that.got it only like 2-3 years ago, and it got weird a couple months ago. sigh

  3. kitmouse Says:

    I’ve tried to steal my parents’ Oreck several times, but they always come looking for it. Now that they’re in Texas I have even LESS chance of sneaking it out of their house….it’s expensive, and an upright, but it’s brilliant.

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