Moving on…

Chicago was ok… hotter than fucking hell, but ok. There were issues, of course, because Otto’s father’s wife is annoying and such, and holy fuck but I do not like my vacation time regimented and shit… but whatever. It was nice to see/meet people and the kids were totally cool and cute and we finally got home.

Now…. now I need to get the house ready for Otto’s mom. sweet.
(smell the sarcasm?) sigh

I have to pull the bed out. It’s in storage, at the moment… here.
hidden bed

It’s like freekin where’s Waldo… isn’t it?

I have much other cleaning and cooking to do as well. Kitchen is decent, but microwave is not and oven has never been cleaned. (While we’ve lived here for 5 years, there hasn’t been much baking to make the stove overly dirty, but we figure it’s time.) Must somehow get stoopid toilet in bathroom to not leak anymore. Other than that…

I want to rest. Wednesday (next, not tomorrow) classes start and I have to be on campus at 9 meaning prolly leaving at 8 or a bit before, since I have no idea what parking or traffic will be like. sigh

So, since I could always use something nice to look at when I am faced with boring cleaning/chores….
mmmm… Introspectre (likely not safe for work, people…)

Back to work. I keep meaning to post and crap, but this is the first time I’ve been on my machine in days, so it’ll have to wait.

4 Responses to “Moving on…”

  1. usc96 Says:

    Stop by FTBM and see how you like all the activity. The old gang is back.

  2. Otto Says:

    I think I might be ready to let that 286 go. :)

  3. Aoife Says:

    I was wondering what the hell you were talking about…
    That fucking 286 has been around for so long I don’t even notice it anymore.

    It’s not so much a question of whether or not to get rid of it… more of a ‘how’ thing. I think that’s what’s held us back and kept a lot of that crap in the house. I need to find the proper recycle depot for that stuff.

  4. Aoife Says:

    Stop by FTBM? Can’t. At least… can’t log in…. My account has prolly been wiped for being a bitch, most likely…. ;-)

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