5 pounds in a week?

Seriously, that’s about my weight change from pre-Chicago to post-Chicago. Five pounds. And, not in the direction that would make this a happy face post.

Granted, I felt like shit the entire time because of a restriction (sometimes self-inflicted, sometimes not) of when I could eat, but by and large, I really don’t think I ate so damn much food as to hugely up my weight like that. While Otto had a similar uptick, his has since gone down… mine hasn’t.

I am actually really angry. I didn’t ever want to see that fucking number on the fucking scale again without the involvement of the fucking stork. Unbelievable.

Heading to the gym tonite. My feet are fine and back to normal, although they may never look the same again, and as of today I no longer feel (physically) like shit from the trip. I’m looking at needing about 15 pounds off in the next three months if I want a happy hallowe’en. DAMMIT. I wanna be Josie… and not a fat one at that.

So, life sucks on the weight/fatness front. And yes, I’m still the “not horrible fat chick bitching about how she gained a few pounds.” But seriously, I’m not in a happy place right now because of this, and I feel like shit and NONE of my close fit. Like, not even my big jeans. The ones that when I got them practically fell off (in a totally hot way, of course… not the “I’m a butch plumber” kind of way).

I went grocery shopping, we have good food, and the only “bad thing” I got was a couple of Godiva bars… which I will review at some later date. (They’re sugar free, hence why I got them.)

I’m sure it’s not all fat. But considering that July wasn’t much working out because of plague, I wasn’t in a good fucking place to start.

Tonite, express room to force myself back into it. Then, I hit the real weights. And cardio, cardio, cardio……


6 Responses to “5 pounds in a week?”

  1. Aoife Says:

    Fuck ME!

    25 pounds. I’m fucking 25 pounds over what I want to be.

    Someone hit me with a fucking lipo machine.


  2. Harry Says:

    Is that commitment I hear in those words? Nice to see ya back.

  3. Aoife Says:

    Big Crank?
    Someone’s delusional…. :-P

  4. kitmouse Says:

    Good to see you back to burning it up, babe. :)

  5. Aoife Says:

    I heart kitmouse. Doesn’t even matter what she says, her being around (even just via a comment) makes me smile… :-)

  6. Harry Says:

    I just hate to fill the spam filter shit out. You missed to purpose of the post, but oh well.

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