The Flight

Was shorter than it was supposed to be by a smidge, I think. It still wasn’t fun, though. I’m not big on flying, I’ve decided. There are plenty of things I could say which wouldn’t necessarily be terribly nice, so for now I’ll keep my mouth shut. Otto’s sisters were pretty excited to see him, especially since two of them haven’t ever really met him (they were like 2 last time they visited). There are a LOT of pictures in this room we’re in… and it’s really very creepy. I’ve never been a picture person, we didn’t have them all over the walls growing up… and this room is kinda creeping me out. They are ALL over. there are frames with lots of pics in them and everything.

Otherwise, it’s not that bad so far. Besides this weird phenomenon where everyone is in bed by 10. That’s just fucking ODD.

Stay tuned…. Pic of one of the creeper pics will be posted tomorrowish.

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