Buckle down

I’m not sure why I can’t ever seem to consistently work on something till it’s finished. It’s this weird thing with me where I’ll start out and put in a lot of time and effort and get a large percentage done, and then stop and not finish something till I have no more time and it must get done. Papers, homework, painting… sucks it does.

So I barely got any work done on my painting… because I was having too much fun slacking off. I mean, I’ll have class time today, then tonite and tomorrow morning to finish it up, and it’s not all that far from finished… but still. I’m kinda bummed because I wanted it done by now. Really there’s only one area that needs a lot of work… sigh

I also want to get everything in order before we leave friday. I have mousie booked for kenneling, which is good, and she got her shots saturday. But the house is not in a condition I’d like to leave it in for a week, so I’m working on that too. And I’ll need to mow.

eh… I’m just whining.

I don’t really like leaving home, for the most part. Mostly because I don’t really like staying with other people. I really like my privacy and time alone, and that’s hard to get in someone else’s house, no matter how nice they are. Plus, it means you have to use someone else’s bathrooms…

I’m looking forward to being in Chicago, just wishing we had the spare cash to stay in s swanky-assed hotel for a week versus with family. Oh well… it’s mostly just the wild monkey sex I’ll be missing out on.

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