Not sure it’ll be finished

I’m honestly a bit worried about my next project. It’s due tuesday, and I’m starting today. It’s 4′x3′ on linen, and it’s looking like a big job. It’ll be a lot of work over the weekend, and so far I’ve been notoriously lazy on the weekends. So, I’ve got to buckle down and get working on it. (Which will happen as soon as I get to school, I left my paints there because I didn’t think I’d get to it last night/this morning, and I forgot I could at least be getting a wash done. oh well.) While I’m hoping it doesn’t come out looking like ass, I feel like most of the stuff I’ve done so far looks suspiciously like ass, so I am not hopeful. sigh

I didn’t get my last project finished in time. It was finished enough to hand in, but it’s missing a number of things I wanted to have in the final picture. So, when I get that back I’ll prolly work on it some more.

My dilemma over whether or not to take drawing is over, class is full. I really wasn’t sure I could do the work load, considering the fact that I’m a lazy shit. But now the point is moot so… oh well.

I’ve got my linen primed, and it’s prolly dry now, so I’m gonna see if I can get the sucker shoved back into my car. It really is a good thing I didn’t go larger (I really had been planning on a 50×48)… I wouldn’t have been able to get it to class.

I also have a couple ideas for a few things I’ll do once class is over… mainly as presents for a few people. My art may suck, but if I give it away to family it becomes a beautiful thought… :-P heh

I need food.

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