Heat resistance

I’ve decided what would be a cool special ability that still has that regular old “down to earth” quality that my flying special ability wish lacks. Heat resistance. Better yet would be heat immunity, but I’ll take resistance all the same.

Not only would it be a boon in saving my clothes from being sopping after being outside of air-conditioning for more than 30 seconds, (it’s 90+ degree weather, here in NC, and prolly where you are too), but it would save me much pain and aggravation when I am cooking.

See… I burn myself. A lot, now that I think about it. Finger touching a pan edge for a split nanosecond, boiling water that gets out of hand (or on hand, as in today), pot holders that don’t seem to cut it anymore…. I will inevitably find a way to burn myself with somewhat predictable regularity… and it really fucking pisses me off.

So that is my current special ability wish…. heat resistance. Who do I see to get that shit set up?

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