I gots me a new easel. It’s not the bestest easel in the world, that one was nearly a grand, but damn would it hold some big fukkin pieces. But, it’s pretty nifty. It’s normally something like $200 list, $100 at Jerry’s where I got it, and on sale for $60. It’s got a place to hold your brushes and paint, and closes up into a box to carry, I think. It seemed that way on the box’s picture. I didn’t really get to opening it because Otto and Sandy got new toys and I was busy showing Sandy how to use her new iPod. But still, EASEL!!!! :-D

*happy dance*

So I’ll set it up tomorrow and work more on my latest piece, and see how it is to actually use it. I’m pretty happy with it so far (and by so far I mean how it looks folded up nice and neat in the box. :-P )

I also got a projector… a little one that simply projects a flat image, not the kind I really want (that hook up to the lap top and don’t come cheaper than $700ish) but it’s decent for my needs at the moment.

I’m sleepy now. nightnight.

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