Calming frustration

The oddity of making art. At times, it’s really frustrating… but never (well, almost never) to the point of flinging the item across the room in a fit of disgust. Making art is actually rather calming for me. Maybe that’s why I’ve mellowed over the last couple years. My increased effort in creation coupled with semi-regular (with stints of regular sprinkled in) practice of yoga has just taken the edge off.

The only really annoying thing about my work currently is that most of it is due for a grade at some point, and others I don’t have the time to do because of the stuff I need to have done on a deadline. I think I’m gonna do the whole… grab an unfinished project and work on it in my spare time thing. I could also use a more permanent place to store a couple things to be able to work on… things that are too delicate to move, like the army man wall that I’d seriously like to make very large.

The other nice thing about the frustration of creation is that the problems can be worked out, ya know? It may take time and reworking things… but you can tweak until something is the way you want it. Sometimes it’s not healthy to do that, and knowing when to stop is a good thing, but when it comes to something just not working, it can be resolved. While it’s not as awesome as an undo button, it’s still rather nice. Not all of life is like that.

And for those of you pretending to give a shit… the plague is slowly subsiding. That’s prolly what has cut down on the whining.

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