Finally got the crap together that I needed to register for classes. They’ve switched the system and basically it’s a total pain in the ass now… but whatever. I am only on campus monday and wednesday (although 9-5), with a 2 hour midday break and one class online. 13 hours… taking Design, British Lit, Anthropology, and Biology. Then, come spring I’ll only need 3 more classes… another design (3D, the one I’m taking now is 2D), Art History, and another social sciences class. I was hoping Philosophy fell under social sciences, but it’s actually a humanities class, and so I don’t need it (or, more importantly, I can’t use it to fulfill my soc sci req). So my final social sci class is yet to be decided, either another psych class or econ I guess.

I handed in my studies and paintings, and have begun design work on my next piece. In a bit I’ll upload pics and blog about them on my art blog. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out… yay. The better ones can be seen on my flickr page, and the rest on the art blog.

Off to deal with uploads…

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