Painting and painting

(Why the FUCK is Q so damn close to A. It’s VERY fucking frustrating to try to apple-A to then spell check and then to hit Q instead. EVERYTHING I had open GONE. ARGHGHHH!!!)

So I’ve been painting a LOT lately… and yet not enough. I have a set of paintings and studies due tomorrow… must finish all that up. Damn… this kinda sucks. But only because I wasn’t able to be in class last week, which is taking it’s toll some. It was tough to get painting in the beginning considering.

I wound up with a 95 for my first set of paintings… pretty happy about that… thought I might have not been so nice had I been handing out the grades… but I’m always harder on myself than the rest of the world is. I might even pull an A out of this class… assuming I’m not already screwed by 3 days missed. (attendance is part of grade.)

When I finish and hand in this set I’ll prolly post a bunch of crap to my art blog… really for lack of anything else to do with them. Some of them I’m kinda proud of… some of them I’m surprised are not a total POS given that I only spent minimal time on them.

Have some new cards made as well… which is good because Nicky has a new baby, so I can send along a nice little card and everything. I’ve figured out that if I gesso the paper first it doesn’t warp near as much when painting. Good to know… but now must have more gesso on hand.

Snagged more music from Otto… thought I had some Kittie… but I guess not. hmmm…

Still have the plague… but at least it’s not leprosy.

On a funny note… at some point someone got here searching for “south park” and “douche awards”. I like things that make me giggle.

Now… let’s see if I can actually spell check this time… instead of quitting safari and pissing me off further. (I will NOT write this shit a third time. This drivel is NOT that important.)

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