I almost feel bad…

…For deleting certain comment spam. I mean, I just got a few promising me “how to eat pussy.” I think it’s terribly unfair to not allow my readers to see stuff like that. I mean, obviously I don’t need to learn how… I have one…. I know what to do with it whether it’s mine or someone else’s (right Kit? giggle), but maybe some of you boys don’t know how… oh wait… you’re prolly the gay ones that don’t need to. JB certainly better know how to eat pussy… if porn were pennies he’s seen enough to feed all the starving children in the world.

mmm…. eating pussy…..

I think I need to go “play hentai flash games.” Don’tcha wish you could see the link? :-P

Have I mentioned I hate having the plague?

4 Responses to “I almost feel bad…”

  1. Aoife Says:

    I am not amused however… by “preteen sex” and “young lolita” links. That’s just fucking nasty. Goddamn fucking assholes. There are many times when it’s a shame I no longer have the power of a god… I’d so be lightning someone’s ass for shit like that.

  2. jb Says:

    watching porn doesn’t make any man good in the sack. Kinda like all those guys that watch football and think they can play the game. Doesn’t work that way.

    Oh, I’m good tho!

    You should get that kitty spam killer thing or whatever I use on FTBM. I never see any of that stuff. It does a good job.

  3. Aoife Says:

    No, watching porn doesn’t make a guy good. However, it’s nearly impossible to resist a JB+porn joke. :-P

  4. Aoife Says:

    Actually, I don’t get a lot of spam anymore, since turning off comments on the posts that kept getting comments. I will prolly look into it, but we’re also prolly gonna move away from wordpress so I’m not in a hurry. Heh.

    Well, I get tonnes of spam… just not here. My inbox in crowded with it as of late. heh.

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