This totally sucks. My feet are bandaged like a freekin leper’s, and that means I can no longer wear shoes. Which means, of course, that I can’t actually go anywhere and do anything. Cuz, you know… even if I wear a shirt… It’s tough to walk around my own frikkin house, for christssake. I’m seriously annoyed.

I could be chillin at the beach, or have just come in from chillin at the beach. Had to tell Cat no on account of the plague. Dammit. Been about a day (bit more) on antibiotics, and as of now nothing has yet to change. Not saying much, I’m basically supposed to see improvement by monday if this is, in fact, what’s wrong with me.

I’m just totally bummed. In addition to the fact that I just fucking HATE being forced into inactivity, (I prefer to chooze my own lazy-time, thankyeweversomuch), I can’t even waste time well. I need to keep my feet up because long periods of feet-down (and by long I mean more than 15 minutes) time tends to make my feet swell ever so slightly, which just makes me even more uncomfortable. I can’t cardio. I can’t use the elliptical or do something from fit tv, and the only thing I could physically do is the recumbent at the gym… and did I mention the whole “can’t wear shoes” thing? It’s like being sick, but worse… because I sleep faar less and my toes itch.

I really don’t suffer well. But then, you’ve prolly noticed that.

I got Pikmin 2. It’s totally a hoot. So is Mario Kart (double dash), which we also got. That was yesterday, when I could still wear my sandals a bit.

I don’t even have anything to say. I’m just totally whiney and annoyed and want to be BETTER ALREADY!

I have an itchy spot on my arm that’s making me totally paranoid. So, either it’s nothing similar and just an itchy spot from some kind of bite (we’re seeing spiders around again) or it’s something that’s being held back by the meds. So… sigh

I think maybe I need to go find me some porn. It’s just hard to find some good quality shit that is both worth paying for and free… ya know? Nah, not horny, don’t feel like porn. I need to eat and play video games and listen to something entertaining. Really I need to be over the fucking plague so I can get back to being a horny little gym rat. Dammit!

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    Totally sympathize…I had a rollerblading accident and I’ve been on my back for two weeks. It’s driving me NUTS. I HATE having to be still for this long. I can’t sit up for longer than half an hour, I can’t go out, I can’t bend over, I can’t lift or carry anything. UGH!

    I went two weeks with no appetite–a meal and maybe a snack every day, just too much effort (hubby doesn’t cook) and sleeping was nicer–and dropped 6 pounds. Appetite’s back today, though, so I’m imagining I’ll be up and about more now. Healing is right behind appetite, right? RIGHT???

    The good thing is that I got niiiiiiiiiiiice drugs…Valium and Percocet. Oh BABY, those are fun! Especially together…so this is how the 60s happened… ;)

    I hope you get better fast, dear, someone out here understands.

  2. Aoife Says:

    DAMMIT! And all I got was some fucking antibiotics. And steriods. But those just make me not have babies, not make me trip out happy fun like. dammit Dammit DAMMIT


  3. kitmouse Says:

    Well don’t go stomping your feet, dear! That’ll probably slow you down even more! BE NICE TO THE FEET!

    I have 100 Percocet, I’ll share, okay? ;)

  4. kitmouse Says:

    Oh, hey, and you know antibiotics interfere with how well the Pill works, right? Dunno if you take it, but if you do, use a backup method. We have a 13-week-old little boy in my circle of friends for just that reason.

  5. Aoife Says:

    Thanks for trying to curse me… really swell of you. Bitch.
    Actually, having the plague tends to dampen the spirit, if you know what I mean, so really at the moment it’s not something we’re needing to worry about. When I feel better tho, I’ll so be making up for lost time….

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