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Still ouchie

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

But getting better.
My obliques are making life generally hellish… but today is better than it has been. I have core work every lift day, and somme of it really sucks. There’s some things I need to use that don’t actually fit a 5′3″ girl, or at least don’t fit my forearm length. So the crunch machine is really annoying to try to use, and I can’t do a whole set of vertical leg raises without stopping to readjust since my shoulders slip. I suppose it might be a better workout sortof since it’s more like hanging leg raises, since I don’t have anything supporting my back and barely am doing anything other than hanging anyway. I wonder if hanging would be easier on my shoulders.

Speaking of shoulders, they hurt. They’ve strengthened decently, I am more flexible and have a bigger range of motion, but they’re still a huge impediment… I can no longer easily do (non-girly) pushups as the shoulders can’t take that much weight. I hate girly pushups.

Last night was my first chest/back day on my own. I got through it in an hour, doing nearly everything (I skipped a final set of crunches & side planks because of someone else) including 18 gabillion stair runs. My shoulders are mainly the only sore part, followed by my midsection.

I guess it’s not that bad, I shouldn’t complain. I finally got my workout on the page, so now it’s psudeoOK if I lose them (which I usually do at least once).

Cardio today, yoga tomorrow, and I’ll finish out my lifts thursday and friday/saturday. I think I’ll need to lower calories a bit more, but I also need to get in better food. There’s too many balance bars on the list.

I need caffeine.

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Monday, June 12th, 2006

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