The Plague!

I have it. Granted, the doctors are calling it some unpronounceable infection that I have no idea how they think I might have gotten it… but I’m pretty sure my feet have the plague.

I won’t post pics here since people might be a bit squeamish… it’s kinda grody and weird at the same time… so if you dare…
plague feet
I’d post what happens when it progresses, that’s a new spot, but those pics are reeely grody, and I don’t think I should share *that* much.


What totally sucks is that I used to have quite cute feet … at least so far as feet are concerned. Now I’m losing a toenail and have the plague. THis totally sucks. Plus it’s all ouchie and itchy and hurts to walk much. So I have pills to take, some antibiotic to help get rid of the plague and hopefully that will work and I’ll be better by the end of this weekend. Because plaguefeet make working out kinda hard. and it annoys me. and you know how easily I’m annoyed.

This totally sucks ass!

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