Slacking away….

Usually, my weeks consist of about 5 days of workouts and 2 days off. However, I haven’t really worked out since friday. So, I guess this makes 5 days off. Last night was supposed to be yoga, but I’d only had 1 meal and wasn’t gonna get to eat again till 9 if I went. Having already gone 7 hours without food, it was pretty much not good to continue that way. Tuesday I started my workout, but I wasn’t gonna finish before the gym closed and Otto wasn’t feeling well. So I used it as an excuse to cut out early and only get in a few arm lifts.

Tonite we have scheduled a class. I hope to get there in time. If I don’t, I’ll either lift or cardio instead while Otto and others are in the class. I’m bummed about last night, but it really was the best decision I could have made regarding the class.

However, now my problem is that my toe is making movement (like walking, using elliptical, climbing stairs, etc) very uncomfortable. I got some kind of bite (or 4) on my foot, a couple on my toe. At first they were just itchy, but then they got all big and ikky, bumping out nasty like, and impairing movement. If it’s not better soon (it seems like it’s getting better) I’ll go to the doc. My guess is that I got bitten by something I seriously reacted to (more than just a ’squito) and the toes not having much extra flesh basically had to grow outward when looking to contain and deal with the problem. So, hopefully it’ll be better soon and I can walk without limping again.

I have to leave class early by almost 1/2 hour to make this workout tonite, hopefully it won’t be too much an issue. I’m working on a still life, so that 1/2 hour is a bit crucial, esp since it’ll be due monday and after today there’s really no setup to work on. We’ll see tho.

At least my arms hurt some from my last half-assed workout, and the scale is back to around the weight I had pre-picnic.

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