Good thing I’m too old

It’s a good thing for you I’m not in the 18-25 range anymore… or I might feel the need to partake in that retarded trend of “dancing scantily clad/nakked to techno and putting it up on youtube.”

I’m sorry, the mind wanders.
Otto was watching some weird-assed retarded shit (from what I could see, which was very little because I completely lacked interest) last night and made a comment about how it’s apparently the “in” thing to do now.

Like myspace and other retarded-assed things, I can’t really say I’m all that interested.

I’m adding a blog link, because submissive hot chicks who like to talk about spankings and dildoes are fun to read. Introspectre

I’ve not been good about updating my sidebar… I want it changed some. The order is fucked up… I mean, why should my links and shit be below my archives? That’s just freekin retarded.

Happy 29th, Otto!

Anyway… my point being that it’s terribly messed up, missing some things, and generally kinda a pain. I’ve also got to devote some time to actually working on my front page, the .com site, and working on the css’s for Otto.

Bored, I prolly should get something useful done. Besides, I totally lost the train.

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