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Today was the company picnic. The live music sukked. Imagine… “Play That Funky Music” without the funk. Imagine “I Will Survive” played by a “rock” band and sung by a man and kinda slow. Imagine a “Brickhouse” that sucks. Totally bad, dude. At one point they start playing something, and the chick next to me is like “no…. please no… please don’t play that… no… don’t ruin that…”

The food was on the crappy side as well. The “veggie burgers available” apparently meant you had to mention it to someone, not get to eat with your s.o., and wind up with cold veggie burgers when they were finally, actually available, because unlike the hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, pork, sausage, and chili sauce, there wasn’t any place to keep a vegetarian’s food warm. Except for the potatoes and corn… the 2 BEST veggies in the world. *rolleyes*

Other than the crappy music and crappy food, it was relatively fun. Got to chill with a few friends, see a couple people’s babies (and be thoroughly reminded why I wasn’t ready to push one out myself yet), and generally just have some fun. Otto wound up red, but oh well.

I haven’t gotten all the pics uploaded yet (thanks buggy gallery), but here’s the link. Not too many pics anyway, it was very warm and I was very lazy.
Picnic 2006

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